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ASPEN                                                                  31 Miles          45 Minutes

BASALT (& FRYING PAN RIVER)               13 Miles           20 Minutes

GLENWOOD (& COLORADO RIVER)       13 Miles           15 Minutes

REDSTONE                                                         16 Miles           25 Minutes

ROARING FORK & CRYSTAL RIVERS      ½ Mile              5 Minutes

DIRECTIONS TO CRYSTAL FLY SHOP FROM UPVALLEY: (Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt):  Driving northwest (downvalley) on Highway 82, drive to the main entrance to Carbondale, which is the light at the intersection of Highways 82 and 133.  Take a left, and we are about a mile away in the City Market shopping center plaza at the lighted intersection of Main St. and 133.

DIRECTIONS TO CRYSTAL FLY SHOP FROM DOWNVALLEY: (Glenwood Springs, Denver):  Driving southeast (upvalley) on Highway 82, turn right at the main light for Carbondale, which is Highway 133.  We are about a mile away in the City Market shopping center plaza at the lighted intersection of Main St. and 133.



            Guide Profiles 

All stories and accounts contained herein are fictitious and any similarities to any persons living or dead are purely coincidental.  The names and faces have been changed to protect the lives of the innocent...(and that includes the fish too!)





Alpine and River Lodging 877-963-2701
Redstone properties--18 miles southwest of Carbondale
Amanda's Hideaway, Gamekeeper's Cottage, The River House

Avalanche Ranch (877) 963-9339
12863 Highway 133--13 miles southwest of Carbondale

BRB Crystal River Resort Cabins/Campground (800)-963-2341
7202 Highway 133--7 miles southwest of Carbondale

Crystal Dreams Bed & Breakfast and Spa 970-963-8240
475 Redstone Blvd.--18 miles southwest of Carbondale

Crystal Valley Manor 970-963-2365
215 Redstone Blvd.--18 miles southwest of Carbondale

Redstone Cliffs Lodge 877-963-2701
433 Redstone Blvd.--18 miles southwest of Carbondale

Redstone Inn, Historic Landmark 800-748-2524
82 Redstone Blvd.--18 miles southwest of Carbondale.  Private fishing access on the Preserve Property.

White River National Forest Campground-Redstone 1-877-444-6777--13 miles away

White River National Forest Campground-Bogan Flats (Marble) 1-800-280-2267 and 1-877-444-6777.  25 miles southwest of Carbondale


Ambiance Inn Bed & Breakfast   970-963-3597

66 N. 2nd St. Downtown Carbondale

Carbondale Days Inn (970) 963-9111
950 Cowen Drive, Intersection Hwy 82 and Hwy 133

Comfort Inn & Suites (970) 963-8880
920 Cowen Drive, Intersection Hwy 82 and Hwy 133





ANDREW CLINGMAN hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and New Hampshire where his youth was spent wasting time bush-wacking for trout.  Fast forward to the present and Andrew is still wasting his time fishing (and rock climbing, biking and shreddin' the gnar during ski seasons).  Andrew is genuinely one of the nicest characters you'll find on the water.  His up-beat and jovial personality only add to his client's outings.  A wonderful photographer too, Andrew is the total guide package.  His favorite Valley haunts include the Roaring Fork and the Crystal drainages.  Andrew's always got a new story to tell, perhaps you'll be fortunate enough to enjoy his stories on your next wade trip. 





NICK OLIVER is a fishy guy who has been with us and in the valley for quite a while now. Nautilus reels contacted us and featured Nick in a Nautilus ad that was in the Feb/Mar 2015 issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine.  Nick was born in the foothills of the Appalachians in Athens, Georgia.  He spent his youth ducking "No Trespassing" signs and chasing largemouth on farm pond and lakes, where he developed an obsession for catching fish.  After high school, in search of new water, he headed to Statesboro, where paddling through the Cypress swamps and alligator holes in search of giant bass took up all his free time.  After receiving his masters in Bassology, Nick set his sights North in search of cooler weather and a different way of looking at the world, and found his true calling in the small trout streams of Southern Appalachia.  While on the water one day, a swift westerly wind picked up and blew Nick clear to Colorado, where he spent the next 4 months trout-bumming around the Rockies before settling in the best fishery he could find--the Roaring Fork Valley.  He now lives here year-round where he spends 250+ days on the water, learning every fish, rock, and snag in our rivers.  He is equally at home floating the lower valley in his driftboat or wade fishing on the Frying Pan.  Nick has steadily built up a return clientele over the past 7-8 years because he is a very good fisherman and a gentleman who is a pleasure to be around.  That's why Nick has so many clients requesting him.


MALLORY (MAL) BURKS has been a fishing guide in Colorado for over 15  years--and been a float guide for the last 11 of those years. He still takes wade trips as well as floats, and is another on our roster who spends a lot of time in May and June guiding in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. He also spent a few years guiding down in Chile during a former life, so he is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and also knows some Portuguese. Mal has a lot of enhusiasm for the sport to share with his clients, and an extrensive knowledge of fly patterns guaranteed to create mayhem on the end of your leader! His favorite local haunt is the Roaring Fork river, and he knows the hatch and feeding patterns intimately from Aspen all the way down to where it joins the mighty Colorado--and Mal prides himself on being a winter fishing specialist.


CODY BRIDE is a wealth of knowledge for Crystal Fly Shop customers, and has been spreading that knowledge and cheer to our clients since 2011.  For 7 years now, Cody has been taking wade trips on the Roaring Fork, Frying Pan, and Crystal Rivers after cutting his teeth in the guide business on a private ranch in 2010. Cody is young and enthusiastic, and he gets along with everyone he meets--literally. Cody's favorite turf is around Basalt on the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan--with a special affinity for the Canyon of the Frying Pan near town. We are very proud to have Cody on our staff--he lifts the energy level of everyone he is around, which is why has quickly developed a following.  Like our customers--we love this guy!


CHRIS THOMSEN is in the upper echelon of guides in a valley full of great guides.  Chris is a float fishing specialist who has a drfit boat and raft at his disposal, and has been fine tuning his float guiding skills for at least 18 years on the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers.  Like all great guides he is personable, charismatic, and patient as well as a great fisherman and teacher.   In addition to fishing guide, Chris has a long resume that includes wine rep, sommolier, restaurant manager (Pinions in Aspen), husband and father.  Be sure to book Chris in advance because he has a loyal following of clients who have requested him for years, and for the 2018 season he is back to wine repping for most week days and is only available for guide trips generally Fridays through Sundays.



JAKE MCKITTRICK is an important figure in the Colorado fly fishing scene and we are excited to have him back on our guide staff part time for the 2018 season.  Jake is a product rep for Ross Reels, Scott Rods, Montana Fly Company, Abel Reels, Airflo lines, Buff, Loon Outdoors, and other companies.  Jake has tons of friends and big name contacts in the small fly fishing world, and is a Western Slope native whose fanaticism for fly fishing started at an early age chasing trout on the Grand Mesa and Gunnison River.  Jake started building fly rods for Scott in the Telluride factory when he was in high school and then went off to college in Bozeman and New Zealand to pursue new trout waters.  After college, Jake moved to Denver and became obsessed with targeting bass and other warm water species in still water environments.  Jake has been a guide off-and-on throughout his life in such locations as Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Basalt, Telluride, Livingston, Ft. Collins, and Denver. Jake is currently a fly designer for Solitude, a pro angler for several fly fishing companies and gives warm water seminars throughout Colorado. He also had top five finishes in two fly fishing bass tournaments this year and is featured in Barry Reynolds newest carp movie with more to come.  Jake is available for float and wade trips when his repping duties are not calling him to the road, where he definitely drinks too much caffeine.  Spending a day sticking fish at Jake's pace will make you feel like you drank too much caffeine too.


DAVID JOHNSON knew from a young age that fishing was the road to fame & fortune.   Since getting his start under mentor Roy Palm he has been guiding for 22 years--the last 13 as an outfitter, & 12 as a shop owner, with some 2500+ guide trips--and he sees that wealth coming to fruition every time he checks the bank account and finds a negative balance.  Living proof that fishing guides are overeducated, underachieving, maladjusted, escapist misfits, DJ dropped out of college with a high GPA after studying English Lit. in London his junior year, & has been dropping out with his guitar and fly rod ever since.   Never one to do anything half-assed, he has filled his surroundings with necessary trappings like a raft and driftboat, & unnecessary trappings like a fly shop & its fixtures, all to help himself & his clients escape from that dreary place known as the "real world".  He enjoys changing the scenery & mixing it up between float and wade trips, beginners & experts--because a guide isn't anything if they aren't versatile (except schizophrenic, of course).  DJ is availabe to guide more in the 2018 season than he has been in the past few years---especially winter, spring, and fall.  When he grows up, he still wants to be a big boy, & may some day publish his memoirs, "Red Letter Ravings--or How to Win Friends & Influence People with a Poison Pen".




CHRIS JACKSON will be back to help Crystal Fly Shop with his accomplished guiding duties for the 2016 summer and early autumn season.  It's an honor for us to welcome Chris back to the valley, where he spends the warm months.  Chris is a veteran guide in many places, and also owns a fly shop and outfitting service called Action Angler in New Braunfels (Austin) Texas.  It's too hot to fish and guide in Texas in the summer, so Chris ventures back to Colorado to do what he loves--share his passion for a great sport with a down to earth manner that is a pleasure to be around.  We love this guy--and so do his clients.  A number of them follow him up here to Colorado in the summer, and if you are in Texas and want an awesome guide (and guy) to show you a great time on the Guadalupe, look Chris up!


JOHN NEWBURY - "In my 40 years as a devoted fly fishing enthusiast, I have studied hundreds of books, read thousands of magazines and browsed countless blogs in pursuit of fly fishing knowledge. I have earned degrees in fisheries science and ultimately contemplate chasing a Ph.D. in a fisheries-related subject, though I would miss the time I get to spend on the river. Most importantly, I log thousands of hours every year fishing and guiding. I have combined my education and experience as a fisheries scientist to bring you as much information as possible to help you become a better fisherman." John is a signature fly-tier for Catch Fly Fishing and operates his own website - www.flyfishnw.com - with custom flies, tips, Euro nymph accessories and more.