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Crystal Fly Shop is proud to be an authorized dealer for the following brands and products:                         


  • Galvan Reels
  • G. Loomis Rods and clothing/accessories 
  • Ross Reels 
  • R.L. Winston Rods 
  • Nautilus Reels  
  • Hardy Rods and Reels 
  • Abel Reels 
  • Tibor Reels
  • Temple Fork Outfitters Rods and Reels
  • Redington Rods, Reels, Waders, Boots & Clothing
  • Loop Rods and Reels
  • Douglas rods
  • Rio Fly lines, leaders, & tippet
  • Scientific Anglers fly lines, leaders and tippets, and accessories       
  • Airflo fly lines and polyleaders 
  • Fishpond Packs, Vests, Bags, Nomad Nets and accessories
  • William Joseph Packs 
  • Korkers Boots and boot accessories 
  • St. Croix Rods 
  • Cortland Lines and Competition Nymph rods 
  • Chota Boots and Hip Waders
  • Outcast Boats, Pumps, Oars, and rafting/boating accessories
  • Dyna King vises and vise accessories
  • Peak Vises, tools, and accessories
  • Montana Fly Company flies, tying materials, tools, and fly boxes
  • Umpqua flies, tippets, hooks, packs, fly boxes, leaders, and accessories 
  • Spirit River Fly Tying Materials
  • Solitude Flies and Nets
  • Smith Optics and Suncloud eyewear
  • Streamworks tools, boxes, and streamside accessories
  • Dr. Slick tools and accessories
  • Trouthunter tippets and leaders and tying materials
  • Rep Your Water Clothing and Hats 
  • Frogg Toggs waders, boots, and hippers AND MORE 
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    Crystal Fly Shop is proud to be an authorized dealer for the following rod companies: R.L. Winston, G. Loomis, Hardy, TFO, Loop, Redington, Douglas Outdoors, St. Croix, Limit Creek, and Fenwick--and we have hundreds of rods IN STOCK:


    R.L. Winston:  B3X Series, Bamboo, Nexus Series, BIIILS Light Line Series, TH Two Handed Rods, BIII Plus, and Jungle Series 


    G. Loomis:  NRX and NRX LP Series, NRX Saltwater, NRX Nymph, NRX Steelhead; Pro 4X Trout and LP, Pro 4X Saltwater


    Hardy:  Zephrus Rods, Wraith Rods, Jet Series, Shadow Rods


    Loop:  Opti-Stream Rods, Cross Rods


    Temple Fork Outfitters Rods:  BVK Series, Impact Series, Deer Creek 2 Hand Rods, Clouser Series, Finesse Series, Mangrove saltwater rods, Professional 2 Series 


    Redington:  Vapen Black and Vapen Red Series, Hydrogen Rods, Predator Rods, Butterstick Glass Rods, Dually 2-Hand Rods, Voyant Rods, Path Rods, Classic Trout Series


    Douglas Outdoors:  DXF, DHF, Sky Rods


    St. Croix:  Legend Elite Fly Rods, Imperial Fly, Mojo Bass Spinning Rods, Triumph Pack Rods


    Fenwick:  Aetos Rods
    Limit Creek: Driftless Dream 


    Crystal Fly Shop is proud to be an authorized dealer for Rio, Scientific Anglers, Airflo, and Cortland fly lines, leaders, and tippets.  We carry most lines made by Rio, and many by our other companies. Our fly line selection may be the largest in Colorado, and we are happy to guide you through our wall of fly lines to help you pick the perfect line.

    We are also a dealer for the award-winning Trouthunter leaders and tippets, and Umpqua leaders and tippet.


    Crystal Fly Shop is proud to be an authorized dealer for the following reel companies:  Galvan, Ross, Nautilus, Abel, Tibor, Hardy, Loop, Scientific Anglers, Redington, and TFO. 

    Galvan:  Torque, Rush LT, Grip, Brookie. 

    Ross:  F1, Momentum, Evolution LT, Animas, Colorado LT 2016 click drag, Gunnison Heritage Re-issue, Cimmarron II, Eddy, Rapid 

    Nautilus:  NV-G, CCF X-2, FWX, X-frame 

    Hardy:  Perfect Wide Spool, Bougle Heritage, Duchess, Lightweight Series, Marquis, Ultralite SDS, CLS, CA DD, & MA DD, Fortuna

    Tibor:  Signature Series, Tibor Series, Billy Pate Series. 

    Loop: Evotec, Opti. 

    Redington:  Rise II, Behemoth, Zero, Surge, Path, Crosswater. 

    Scientific Anglers: Ampere Voltage, Ampere Electron, Ampere  

    Temple Fork Outfitters:  BVK SLA Reels, TFO Large Arbor, Prism CLA, NXT 


    We are a full stocking dealer of all current fishing packs, vests, luggage, and accessories by Fishpond.  We also carry all of Umpqua's new Zero Sweep Packs, the Mag Series packs by William Joseph, and some luggage pieces from G. Loomis.  We have dry bags by Fishpond, William Joseph, and Outcast.



    Our fly inventory has grown to over 1600 patterns from some of the most respected companies in the business---Montana Fly Company, Solitude, Umpqua, Rainy's, and Catch.  We have a lot of innovative boutique flies that work well locally and on similar Western tailwater and freestone rivers. 

    Our flies are only made from the finest of materials, with proportions that are perfect from one fly to the next.  We don't carry any flies tied in Kenya, which are the poorest quality flies in the world, and what people normally find in bargain outlets.  Life is too short to fish with crappy flies.